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All types of SF Sonic Batteries
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July 26, 2009
This is the latest news got from Rockfort Battery Services.
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July 28, 2009
Rockfort Battery Services launches its new Corporate Website
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Rockfort Battery Services Products

The SF Sonic range of automotive batteries stands for abundant power, undaunted by the challenge of Indian roads. All batteries provide power but it takes only an SF Sonic to perform at peak power, always. This matchless range of batteries redefines durability, defies the years and breathes new life to power. The powerpacked SF Sonic battery does not merely last long. It lives long. Stays strong. Throughout its long lifespan, the power never drops, come what may. That’s what makes SF Sonic batteries so unbeatable.

Rockfort battery service is the distributor for the SF SONIC range of Automobile and Stationery batteries.SF SONIC has a wide range of batteries.

SF Super Sonic with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries. with 60 months warranty.
 SF Super Sonic

1. Furukawa patented C21 alloy to withstand severe working conditions
2.Superior starting power, instant ignition
3. Arrestors to prevent acidic corrosion and sparks
4. Dual plate protection against shocks and vibrations
5.No topping up. Zero maintenance
6.With Electrolyte level indicator (Magic eye)

SF SONIC TURBO, the truly non-stop performer, with 48 months warranty.

1. Wide range for all cars and MUVs
2.Hybrid MF Alloy from Furukawa, Japan, that improves reliability
3. Innovative grid profile that ensures superior starting power
4.Designed for enhanced endurance, ensuring long and trouble-free service
5.Instant ignition after reasonable periods of idle stand
6.With Electrolyte level indicator (Magic eye)

SF Sonic Turbo
SF SONIC JET, packed with power, with 36 month warranty.
SF Sonic Jet

1.Available for popular cars and MUVs
2.Cost effective design that does not compromise on performance
3.Hybrid MF Alloy from Furukawa, Japan, that improves reliability
4.Good starting power and endurance
5. Less price best quality
6. Low price maintenance free battery

LCV / HCV /Tractors

SF SONIC JUMBO,created to rule the road has 24 months warranty.

1. Available for the entire range of MUVs and heavy vehicles
2.Superior starting power with rugged grid profile
3.Dual plate separation for double protection against vibrations

4. Instant ignition after reasonable periods of idle stand

5.Factory-charged for ready use
6. Maintenance Free Truck Battery

SF Sonic Jumbo

Inverters / UPS

SF SONIC POWERBOX, the reliable power backup, with 24 months warranty.

SF Sonic Power Box
1.Special Hybrid Alloy system that is best suited to withstand high temperatures prevalent in India
2.Float/Float Guide to indicate electrolyte level position, which also acts as effective fume arrestors,  enhancing safety
3.Factory charged for ready use
Easy maintenance
4. No Regular Topping Up
5. Specially Made for Inverter and UPS
SF Sonic Power House - The Next Generation Inverter Battery
1. The robust design prevents corrosion in positive plate and increases battery life.
2. The new alloy system makes the battery suited for deep discharge and low water loss.
3. Significally higher electrolyte content new formulation higher performance and superior re-chargeability.
4. Double clad separation with special type ribbed PE envelope& glass mat increases reliability.
5. Float Guide indicate MAX/MIN levels of electrolyte, while the Magic eye indicates the state of charge.

Two wheeler / Three wheeler

SF SONIC RODEO the ultimate two wheeler battery, with 15 months warranty.

SF Sonic Rodeo

1.Special grid alloy to provide durability and resistance to corrosion.

2. Special glass mat bonded separators give protection against active material shedding during bumps     and vibrations, assuring enhanced service life.

3. Ruggedly designed polypropylene containers provide high impact resistance.

4. The squeeze welding process gives leakproof joints.

5. Each battery comes in an exclusive sealed carton.

We have all models of UPS and Inverter Batteries. We also have all types of automotive and Stationary batteries. We also have EXIDE and SF Industrial batteries. We have low priced batteries called ‚ÄúBLACK GOLD‚ÄĚ manufactured by EXIDE industries, which has a warranty period of 1year and it has a wide market for low priced catogery. We are also have Sealed Maintanence Free (SMF&VRLA), Tubular and Semi Tubular batteries for stationary applications. We have 12v1.2ah to 12V100AH in VRLA batteries. We do Intial Filling Charge (IFC) for Tubular batteries and Semi tubular batteries.

Rockfort battery service boasts of well trained staffs to check up batteries and topping up distill waters for inverter and ups batteries. Rockfort battery service gives free service for topping up of distill water for inverter and automobile batteries.

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All types of SF Sonic Batteries